Friday, January, 24th, 2014 at 1:21 pm by Sara Garza

Sloan's Plaza

Sloan’s Plaza


With all the developing going on around Denver it is getting hard to keep tabs on the pockets of neighborhoods that continue to blossom with new fun attractions.  Sloan’s Lake is no exception!

The City of Denver Planning Board approved the general development plan for the redevelopment of St. Anthony’s Hospital site into a mixed use urban town center across from one of Denver’s largest parks and minutes away from the new Perry Street light rail station on the new West line..  The the passing of this approval, Enviro Finance Group or (EFG), the owners and ones who prepare the property by building infrastructure, now have the go ahead to start the process to sell parcels to developers.

This new plan calls for redesign of the current street layout and plans are to extend Raleigh and Quitman Streets as well as West 16th Avenue into the site, creating six new Denver standard blocks.  Raleigh Street will become the new “main street” through the development. Ground floor retail, restaurants, office space and an exciting new anchor development will align this new area.  The right-of-way along the new Raleigh Street will be wider than Denver’s minimum requirements in order to accommodate additional pedestrian amenities, street trees, and sidewalk cafes.

The new plans will follow the 2006 task force of local residents “vision” for the site to preserve some of the existing buildings. The developer is preserving some of the old buildings and is planning to re purpose one of the structures for a boutique hotel and having an open 1 acre plaza for the public in front of the historic chapel that can be closed off  for public festivals, farmers markets, and other community events.

To find out more about this project check out the article from Denver Infill with more information on the reintegration of the streets and upcoming structures.

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